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Hallo iedereen,
Darren & Lanie uit de United Kingdom hebben een artikel geschreven over mijn werk,het artikel kun je bekijken op de homepage van de populaire berensite “Teddy Bear Artists And Friends”.

Groetjes Mireille

TBAAF Proudly Introduces...
Bearytale Teddies

By Mireille Begijn

Mireilles creations are described by her as...

'One by One Little Masterpieces'

Mireille lives in Belgium, in Western Europe and our capital is Brussels. My place of residence is at about 60 km north-west of Brussels in the Flemish region, close to Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders)

Bearytale Teddies and matching accessories are unique and entirely handmade with durable materials. Mireille search Many years ago Mireille was really inspired by the funny Japanese so called 'Anime' bears. While designing and making Anime style bears she found she could give her imagination free rein... The results are all pictured here, just see her original little wonders.

Every bear she creates is OAAK “one of a kind” and each little bear made is very special as it has a personally invented name and its very own character. Mireilles miniature creations are sized between 13 and 23 cms, each can be identified by their roguish little faces and broad smile. Many collectors will readily recognize her butterfly bears, they are very unique with hand-made ‘Fimo clay’ flower wreaths which are then abundantly decorated with Swarovski-pearls.

Mireille used to dream of making dolls and bears as a child. it all began about twenty years ago, when she visited a doll’s fair in Bruges (B) organised by Max and Niesje Wolters - Van Bemmel, from that moment onwards she totally fell under the spell of bears and dolls.

It was with much determination to succeed that got Mireilles bears to high quality bears she produces today... She originally began making bears with the help from a correspondence lady friend and bear manufacturer, Esther , she sent Mireille her first ‘anime’ (= ‘dessin animé’ in French) pattern. This was the beginning, from this original pattern she gained her own inspiration to design her very own bears. Mireille states the satisfaction gained from making your own designs is of course very fulfilling, and many hours of practice eventually makes for the perfect bear. As a child Mireille was inspired by fairytale figures such as elves, gnomes, witches and even fantasy creatures.These thoughts give her inspiration to create her bears today.

Being severly disabled and not very mobile due to her handicap, it is very difficult for Mireille to go to bookstores or visit trade fairs. So most of the time she has to be content with finding inspiration from a small piece of fur, original old lace or even any picture that appeals to me. She finds many ideas materialize during the night when she cannot sleep. These night-time dreams have given the initial impetus to the most unique ideas such as for instance the butterfly and the Eggy Longleggy-bears.

The so-named 'Butterfly Bears' are made of short-piled mini fabrics with the most diverse shades. Time and time again it is a stressful moment in order to find a well-balanced combination. Butterfly bears are painted with a special indelible paint (no corrections possible). A matching colour variation in the eyes brings the bear alive. The finishing touches are hand-made flower wreaths that are made of about three hundred to six hundred Swarovski pearls and hand modelled flowers. It takes about one week to apply the Swarovski pearls and the other beads. The final addition are the hand-made butterfly wings which help make each little bear just perfect! Finally each bear comes to life1 This is when Mireille stops and has a curious thought “was it really me that has created this little wonder”?

“Never underestimate small things in life

Even when they do not last forever

You’ll always keep them in your heart”

Mireille is a real inspiration to all aspiring bear artists out there...

Never failing to aspire towards greater achievement...

Never letting her severe disability stop her achieving her goals...

Mireille has recently won the

2011 TOBY Industry’s Choice Award

From the USA magazine Teddy Bear and Friends.

She humbly states 'I am so happy that I won this Award after five hard working years'.

I'm sure you will all agree Mireilles bears are extremely creative...

We would like to thank her on behalf of everyone for sharing her talent with us all...
If you would like to commission a bear from Mireille please contact her personally via her Bearytale Teddies by Mireille Begijn profile here on TBAAF...


Beste blogvrienden,

Zoals jullie weten ben ik al een hele poos bezig met het uitwerken van mijn eigen Bearytale biggetje,maar dit is makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan.
In gedachten had ik een schattig aangekleed biggetje voor ogen met smokey eyes en een tuitmondje.
De nieuwe technieken die ik gebruikte zijn aardig gelukt maar verder ben ik niet zo overtuigd met mijn nieuwste creatie in wording.
Naar mijn gevoel lijkt het diertje meer op een hondje dan op een biggetje hihihihi.
Ik ga dit ontwerp even laten rusten en begin binnenkort van vooraf aan want op dit moment heb ik een biggetjes overdosis en krijg spontaan flapoortjes en een krulstaartje.
Knor knor tot de volgende keer en laat mij even weten hoe jullie hier over denken....?

Groetjes Mireille